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“A Global History of Secondhand Clothing”/”YouTube and Archives in Educational Environments”

Posted by emilymorgan98 on February 13, 2017

“A Global History of Secondhand Clothing” was an interesting read. I never really thought much about clothes and how they take on the wear of the owner. I know clothes get passed down but I wasn’t really raised in that environment for a lot of my life. Growing up my mom did shop at Once Upon a Child but as she got better and better cloths (and once I stopped growing so much) I started getting clothes from Walmart mostly. None of my clothes are really hand-me-downs since my only sibling, my sister, is 31; however, my mom and sister switch clothes a lot since they are the same size. I really liked where Shell was talking about how clothes were passed down in the nineteenth century; from the richest to the poorest. Did not realize clothes got passed down like that back then.

In the article by Hovet, the section where he was talking about with more use of technology and how it can be good for students as well as bad, it reminded me of in one of my classes how we were talking about it is more easy to plagiarize now then it use to be since we are so use to getting on the internet and being able to pick from anything, we do not think to include sources; especially if we are in a rush to get done.  Right after Hovet talking about that, he mentions youtube and how usually under videos there is a whole section of extra videos. This made me laugh some because I don’t know someone who gets on youtube and doesn’t get distracted to the point they go from a very normal video to something like “how to make ice cream”.


2 Responses to ““A Global History of Secondhand Clothing”/”YouTube and Archives in Educational Environments””

  1. Sean Hull said

    I’d not realized how much history clothes could hold in previous centuries either, it makes me think that the changes in how we use and share clothing is in some respects a reflection of how we manage our identities in general. Nowadays, not only our clothing, but our “liked” groups, favorite brands, preferred Youtube channels, and taste in music may all be variable, as we have so many ways to easily consume different types of these products and acquire new tastes. It’s great having all these options nowadays, even with the added stress of having to curate my own identity.

  2. emilyjones232 said

    Clothing has always been apart of our popular history. It is a way to spread who we are as a person without uttering a word. I also did not realize hand-me-downs existed back then as well.

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