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Buy now and Get Absolutely Nothing Extra

Posted by emilyfalicaa on February 12, 2017

The subsection Nothing is Ever Free in chapter two of spreadable media, it uses many examples of how politicians and musicians give us free gifts. It that says ultimately these gifts are not free at all. It is a bunch of contracts to get us to buy more or continue our support. It comes down to making sure we continue to benefit or advertise them. The “free gift” idea is more of a “buy more stuff to get nothing” method with no intention of warming the fans hearts. Many musical artists have special album release deals like “buy in the first few weeks and you’ll get a special acoustic version of track nine! Buy it now before its off the shelf forever!” and this seems like a thank you or a please keep up your support but it’s just ensuring you buy it right away so they get higher ratings. When Taylor Swift released 1989, I rushed to Target so I could get the release edition with 10 special polaroid pictures and a bonus track before they ran out of these limited edition copies.  To me, I felt like Taylor was personally thanking me for being a fan for almost 10 years, when in reality she was just making sure I bought the more expensive album and during the first week so it could be marked as record breaking. That album was cheaper a month later AND the polaroid pictures weren’t even real. They were just flimsy poster paper. While Taylor received a gift of breaking almost every album record there was, the only gift I got was an empty wallet. It brings the question to mind, do artists care about us at all? Or literally just our money?


One Response to “Buy now and Get Absolutely Nothing Extra”

  1. I love how you included a personal story that is relatable to everyone, certainly me. I remember buying that album with the Polaroids as well and feeling disappointed a month later. I also agree with you about how the fans aren’t getting free things; we’re keeping the artists in business.

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