Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Why Media Spreads Part 2

Posted by brianchenault on February 9, 2017

Fandoms have become very important in the process of media spreading. We find out that fandoms gave people a median in which they were able to form bonds with each-other all around the globe through one common interest. I also found it very interesting that this helped give women inspiration at this time. It gave women a support method in which they could express themselves in a form of culture that wasn’t completely male dominated at that time, and this in turn only helped media spread even faster throughout the world. I also found it very interesting that twitter played such an important role boosting the spread ability in even today’s times. Giving individual marketers a tool to market and and showcase their product became second nature to today’s time and has now become the norm. I can see the correlation, if the people have grown accustomed to twitter then higher ups catch on and also relocate to the website, then more higher ups and marketing campaigns that show up in turn bring more causal people as well. I believe this to be the reason the “digital age” became so popular so fast. “This volatile and exploding traffic in commodities, styles, and information has been matched by the growth of both flows of cultural politics, visible most powerfully in the discourse of human rights, but also in the new languages of radical Christianity and Islam, and the discourse of civil society activists, who wish to promote their own versions of global equity, entitlement, and citizenship” A very powerful line to end on, showing that media transfers itself not only through entertainment and through knowledge but also through religion and politics.


2 Responses to “Why Media Spreads Part 2”

  1. I agree, I think the fastest spreading fandoms generate from primary political or religous sources. Your point on women overcoming a male dominant society really resonated with me.

  2. faythleighann said

    I honestly hadn’t thought about this much before the readings. Fandoms are a huge part of media, but it’s more about the community that media can create. That’s why religious, political, and trending controversies are so popular and bring people from all around the world together.

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