Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Why media spreads Part 1

Posted by brianchenault on February 9, 2017

Media seems to spread from multiple outlets and for multiple different reasons. The beginning of Media Spreads shows us that media is something people highly desire to consume and in consumes most of us constantly in our everyday lives.  People have always loved to share stories to one another, its a big part of human history, with such tools such as the internet and television it opens up the possibility more than 100 fold. We are able to consume such information instantaneously and by doing so we are instantly gratified . Using such terms as “spreadable” and “spread ability” we are able to then understand to what extent these forms have or stickiness they pervade. This journal describes just how important terminologies are, and how there not just semantics but they are the tools in which we explain social behaviors and patterns and how we can learn from them.  “Instead, we want to challenge readers to think through the metaphors we all use when talking about how content moves across the cultural landscape — to resist terminology that might distort how we understand these trends and to continue seeking terms that more accurately describe the complexity of how we all engage with media texts” I believe this quote whole heatedly expresses the importance of spreadable media and the first half of this journal in a way that everyone can understand.

One Response to “Why media spreads Part 1”

  1. emilychildress329 said

    I agree with you when you say that this uses certain terminologies that help us to understand better to a certain extent. I think that using specific words and pointing out specific points, that an audience can really relate to where the author is trying to go with the topic.

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