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Where web 2.0 went wrong

Posted by mackenzie brown on February 9, 2017

Does anyone even actually buy music anymore? I ask this because there are so many ways that you can illegally download not only music but even movies to a device. There are so many apps and websites that promote this piracy. Stealing music and movies is obviously a violation of copyright and against the law but it still happens very often. You can listen to just about any song on YouTube for free. Some movies are also on YouTube but they are less common. Even TV shows are on YouTube available to watch for free. All of this music being on Youtube and other sites where it can be stolen leave all artists and record companies unaccredited which is obviously unfair. Should this music be given away for free? Is it moral to give this music away for free? I can see this both ways because in a sense the music being on Youtube shares it to people who would never listen to it if it wasn’t for Youtube. So is this actually harmful if the content is being shared? But, on the other hand, the artist have a right to their music and this is technically stealing it by listening to it for free. I can also see it as that artist are making money regardless, a lot of money at that so why does it matter if their songs are on Youtube? I think economically it probably isn’t moral to let people listen to music or watch movies for free. I think the sites like the Youtube to MP3 site is very morally wrong and should be shut down. I can see where they would think this is where “web 2.0 went wrong” in a sense.


7 Responses to “Where web 2.0 went wrong”

  1. vene131 said

    I haven’t heard of someone actually buying their music in so long I don’t even recognize piracy as a crime anymore. And I think especially with androids it is SO easy to download music illegally because we don’t have anything like iTunes practically embedded into our phones.

  2. I don’t necessarily buy music anymore. I haven’t bought a physical copy of any music since 2011. However, I do pay for Apple Music because a lot of music on Youtube gets taken down eventually for copyright reasons. Even though I’m sure I could find the majority of the music somewhere on the web its just easier to just give Apple their 10 dollars a month.

  3. lillieeastham said

    I agree, I think that part of the reason that YouTube and music labels have had to get so crazy about copyrights is that so much of their music isn’t being payed for. While sometimes I think they lash out at the wrong people, they are running a business and I can see how unbelievably annoying it would be to put so much effort into something and have so many people steal it.

  4. emilychildress329 said

    I do not remember the last time that I bought music. My main mode of listening to music is through Youtube or Pandora. I agree with you when you say that everyone has had to get strict with music and movies though because they are not seeing the money that they are suppose to be making when writing a big hit.

  5. The whole piracy system seems to be full of schemes and scams. The world of media piracy is an illegitimate business to begin with. Now a days the only way to go about listening to all musc is through bigger corporate buisnesses like “Apple” or “Spotify” selling a month’s worth of any and all music for around ten bucks.

  6. toripatterson504 said

    I agree and understand where you are coming from. The idea of buying music is slim to none and i honestly can’t think of the last time i paid for music. although i do pay for my apple music account monthly and all of my peers constantly question me on why i pay for music instead of downloading a free app. It just feels like the moral thing to do i guess, like you said.

    • jacobkaraglanis said

      I relate to this completely. I NEVER pay for music anymore and I do it without even thinking about it or feeling bad. Though I too pay for a spotify account. That is all I pay for because I utilize the zip downloader websites online. Yet, now that my eyes are truly opened that it is detrimental to the artists, i’ll be more aware of doing it less. (But I’m still going to do it lol).

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