Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

How to read this book

Posted by brianchenault on February 9, 2017

This article felt so down to earth the entire time reading it. It starts off right away telling you how big corporations and businesses want you to read and interpret what they put in front of you. They do this of course without taking their complete audiences into consideration and this is a big problem in today’s society. Its nice seeing things from a different perspective or from someone who gives us alternative ways to take in information or understand. It also refers to the point that for an artist or corporation to survive the long term they need to understand their audience, by absorbing what they hear and how to help these are the first real steps that need to be taken. The key component to reading that everyone should take into account is perception. You must always have the correct mindset to what your supposed to be understanding otherwise the critical points or advise will be missed. I believe this is a great article to put forth to us in the beginning of this class and is a useful tool not only for now but also for reading any and everything in the future.


One Response to “How to read this book”

  1. faythleighann said

    I totally agree that perspective and listening to what an audience wants is how a company becomes successful. The same perspective helps the audience better understand what the company uses and how the get the audience do what they want, also. It definitely goes both ways so that both sides are informed.

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