Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Web 2.0 Part 1

Posted by amycorysite on February 6, 2017

After reading all four essays assigned for tomorrow, I found that the common theme majority of producers use is in search of attaining a valuable quality of references and equal rights for their consumers. Given, all four essays expressed different strategies in attaining their common desire to please their consumers. I found the most invigorating essay to be Abigail De Kosnik’s, “Interrogating ‘Free’ Fan Labor”. Media continues to become more vast and evolving as new concepts swarm the internet. Copyright laws remain vague and unchanged as “free” fan labor typically helps benefit the producers of mass-media texts. Kosnik holds a substantial question, “can, or should, fan labor be paid for?” So much of the media addressed through the  internet is constantly being remolded by cultural and technical labor, which builds value towards the primary producers of such media information. I assume not everyone feels the need to be paid for expressing their passions when endorsing their own opinion as well as those of the producers of different media forums. I do believe ones time and energy in supporting themselves physically and mentally should be compensated for their passions as the producers of the media are gaining increasing value overtime. Hopefully with time, fan productions will gain more sources of income from given producers as a sign of their undying love to voice their own opinions. Fans endorsing their individual fandoms may be happy to express their opinions and labor for free, but why do so when you could be getting paid for your voice?


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