Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Web 2.0 Part 1

Posted by emilychildress329 on February 6, 2017

After I read all the essays, I realized that everything is centered around one main topic. That topic is that everything needs to be desired around the consumer. The people of these large companies use media, not only to our advantage, but to theirs. They are dependent on us to get the word out more than them. If we like or share something, the more people that we are friends with and they more people that share our likes is exactly what they want.

The question that really got me to thinking however is the question as to if fan labor should be paid for. Nowadays a lot of people are centered around getting their voices heard. We can tell that by the many protests, blogs, and overall use of social media to share many enraging topics. I believe that spreading your opinion in your own words is your right. However, since it is your right I do not believe that anyone should get paid just for sharing your thoughts and opinions.


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