Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Web 2.0 P.1

Posted by marylennoxhalf on February 6, 2017

While reading the Spreadable Media chapter called, Where Web 2.0 went wrong, I was very interested in the points about copyright infringements. The discussion about Vimeo as well as Youtube videos were very eye opening. I suddenly felt guilty and responsible as I remembered my early middle school years. While in the sixth grade, I learned about a new music sharing site called LimeWire. LimeWire allowed us to listen to music for free. My brother, who was in high school at the time, downloaded it onto our family computer. We began making playlists of all of our favorite songs and would use the app daily. We thought LimeWire was literally the best thing ever.

After using LimeWire for a few months, we realized our computer had turned a corner. We were getting a ton of pop up ads, and the overall speed of the computer had become very slow. We figured LimeWire was the problem so we deleted it from the computer, and soon after discovered iTunes.

While watching the news, shortly after we stopped using LimeWire, we saw the major fuss about LimeWire infringing Copyrights. Being my age, I did not even know that while using LimeWire I had been illegally listening to music. The app soon found liable for copyright infringement.

I found this chapter of the book very interesting, and it opened my eyes to the bigger picture of where exactly things in media started to change. “File sharing” and “piracy” are things that I normally do not think about, it makes a lot of sense as to why these things started such an uproar in the last decade.


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