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Posted by emmaeled on February 6, 2017

The article I found the most interesting was “The Value of Costumer Recommendations”. When advertising in TV and radio was first getting its feet off the ground there was really no way for consumers to check and see if a product was worth the money. Even in the decades that people just ordered things from catalogs, there really was no way to ensure you were getting the best product for your money. I am not afraid to admit I am avid shopper. I love finding cute boutiques online because while I love clothes and going out I absolutely hate malls. I hate digging through racks, I hate the parking, I hate that I always end up at Auntie Ann’s and ruining my healthy eating streak with cinnamon pretzel nuggets. Then of course after I finish them I’m bloated and I hate everything I try on. Anyways, that’s why online shopping is truly the second coming of Jesus Christ.

One of the reasons I love online shopping so much is the ease in which I can find reviews, endorsements, and price comparisons. “Brand Ambassadors” for me are way better than any celebrity clothing line. Many people would think models and actresses would give a clothing line credibility. Of course Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are going to look good in the clothes they endorse, they make their living that way! Boutiques I find I normally find them when I’m stalking some fellow college sorority girl who has amazing outfits and beautiful hair in every single picture on her Instagram. I love it because this is a normal girl who goes to class, sorority events, concerts, and spring breaks just like I do. It’s relatable  and I can picture what my body type would like in the clothes doing every day activities.  Brand Ambassadors are a way for small boutiques to get advertisements and new customers at a low cost. They recruit girls, or guys, who have lots of followers, great style, are repeating loyal customers, and offer them a percentage off for talking about their clothes. My friend is an ambassador for a small local hometown clothing store and she gets 50% off every time 4 people use her code for 15% their order. It’s genius! You keep your loyal customers even more loyal and appeal to a larger audience. I’ve seen the same boutique do give away contests if you tag 3 friends on 3 of their pictures. Fifty girls tagging three friends per three pictures is 150 potential new customers if they do the same friends each picture.

In conclusion I just thought the article brought up great points. It mainly talked about keeping their products authentic and reliable. By doing so with pretty girl brand ambassadors on Instagram or a comedian on vine then they’re getting advertisement with little effort and cost. On the flipside the article also talked about how endorsements can hurt brands. Many people I know see people with a lot of followers who start to do advertisements as sell outs and don’t put much thought into the product, and some times unfollow the person all together.



P.S. if your looking for cute clothes that store I mentioned is Kandid Boutique and the discount is Hayley15.


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