Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

We are the voice

Posted by tommistowers on February 6, 2017

In The Implicit Contract blog, I like how it starts out saying “Everyone wants something from their entertainments. Whatever this desire is, audiences; satisfaction with a product is dependent on whether their expectations are fulfilled or exceed.” We as an audience provides the successfulness of these entertainments. Although companies and producers provide the entertainment we still take control. While the producers bring us the entertainment we decide whether it should continue its creation onto another season. We control whether the entertainment is excelling or should be cancelled. We provide them our time, our attention, and our money.

While on the topic of money, Co-Creative Expertise in Gaming Cultures they stated “significant economic and cultural value is generated through these spreadable media activities”. Although the success of media enterprises companies relies on not only the gamers but the designers as well. The game developers and publishers have to recognize and respect the contribution of gamers’ expertise to get a mutual benefit.

While reading The Value of Customer Recommendations, it gave reasons on why there is mutual benefits in advertising. By showing 3,000 to 5,000 ads a day that’s noticed it begins a new channel of communication. Advertisement is a mutual benefit because it isn’t only persuasive but can also be informative. While making an advertisement producers and brand managers show product-related testimonials to show several benefits. Consumers then might be expected to strengthen their positive attitudes toward a brand. Since consumers already have a positive attitude this then offers a powerful premise. Although there are many benefits there are also still negatives. Sooner rather than later the lies will come out about the company’s product. Once this happens the consumer’s will be the voice for these marketing brands.


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