Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

They Live!

Posted by kaufmansw on February 6, 2017

When we first started watching the movie, “They Live!” in class I initially thought I would find this film extremely boring.  As the film progressed, I suddenly became quite entertained.  Director Carpenter points out the negative motives of the corporate world by using a pair of blacked out sunglasses.  Metaphorically speaking, the sunglasses show a skeleton-like face on those who have become brainwashed by way the media.  The movie, “They Live!” brought to light that even in the 80’s big named companies were controlling us and the media.

The question is, “When are we going to stop letting them influence us?”  One thing that really bothers me is how insensitive society has become.  It seems like every night on the 6:00 news there is some sort of tragedy going on and people just move on like nothing happened.  Selfishness is one of the worst traits people can have.  If an issue doesn’t directly affect them then they don’t care.  This mentality becomes contagious and doesn’t bode well for a positive, caring society.  Back in the old days, everyone watched out for their neighbors whereas now people keep to themselves.  I think humans tend to be very easily influenced when the media is involved.  The most recent example that comes to mind for me is the Presidential Election.  Depending on which news channel you watched, depended on which way the news was slanted.  Media doesn’t always tell the full truth, because they want to create drama.  If the media doesn’t create public interest then they have failed.  We must keep this in mind and learn from this movie.


One Response to “They Live!”

  1. brianchenault said

    I do completely agree that fake news and media propaganda is a huge problem in todays society. At the same time I dont believe people in todays time are any less caring then people say 30 years ago. I think its just easy to make that comparison since we have so much more social media nowadays and were able to see all of these negative comments and propaganda against one another.

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