Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Media Contracts

Posted by adusheck on February 6, 2017

While each of the online essays refer to a different topic specifically they all share a reoccurring theme that focuses on the media developers themselves and the relationship that they have with their targeted audience. I thought that this was interesting because I feel that in today’s society we don’t honestly think of all of the work that goes into producing something as simple as an ad/commercial or even a movie. We are so used to having everything available to us at the tip of our fingers that we fail to recognize that our favorite show is written by somebody who works long and hard on that show (thank you Shonda Rhimes.) Typically, as a viewer we fail to look for the deeper meanings behind things that happen in a movie, show, or commercial and find ourselves thoroughly upset when our favorite character is killed off; so much so that we may stop watching the show all together or just refuse to watch any new episodes. This is something that I think would be hard from a creative stand point because writers are writing for purpose and their purpose although we may have loved it from season 1-12 may not be the purpose that we love so much in season 13. Writing for a movie or show would definitely be hard because once it becomes business you may be asked to put your own personal beliefs to the side for the sake of the viewers or you may have free range to do whatever you want which could also be dangerous because you don’t know if the audience will love it or hate it which is the risk that all writers take. This is not only seen in tv but also in video games as players are wanting to have more and more control over the game. When video games first came out you could pick your own basic players and that was that, now gamers want to create their very own player with a multitude of possibilities and then moving forward want to pick where they live, who they live with, if they have pets, etc. This becomes dangerous in the same sense because we begin to lose appreciation and/or satisfaction for the developers of the game because we want it to be exactly how we want it to be no ifs ands or buts.


One Response to “Media Contracts”

  1. Kimberlea Ferrell said

    Yes, I personally can’t stand when people refuse to watch a show because something did not turn out how they wished. There is no thought or respect for the creators in this.

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