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Fan Created Content

Posted by emilyjones232 on February 6, 2017

When I read the essay Interrogating “Free” Fan Labor, I immediately thought of one thing: fan fiction. Fan fiction is the writing or art that fans of a particular source of entertainment create for other fans of the same thing. Fan fiction has become an integral part of Web 2.0.

In fan fiction, the author takes the “canon”, which is the actual movie or show that work of fiction is based off of and creates new content. For example, if a person wrote about the characters in Harry Potter, they would include actual things that occurred throughout the books and then add their own spin to it to create the piece of fan fiction.

Fan fiction can become huge and even mainstream. Oddly enough, the Fifty Shades of Grey was based on a Twilight fanfiction. The author, E.L. James took a story of hers about the Edward-Bella relationship, changed the names and a bit of the story line and voila: Fifty Shades of Grey. James took her story she wrote about fictional vampires and turned it into a mainstream novel with its own movie franchise, that has its own fan fiction pieces written from that.

Fan fictions are not the only fan-created content. Fans organize conventions, or “cons” to bring together fans from all across the nation and/or world to celebrate the love they share for that particular fandom. For instance, the San Diego Comic Con brings together those who loves all things Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, etc. Comic Con has became a worldwide phenomenon that happens every July.

Fan creations have become the norm in Web 2.0, as we have converted to more user created content. The web is evolving, just as what we as consumers take in.


One Response to “Fan Created Content”

  1. marylennoxhalf said

    That is an interesting point about fan fiction inspiring Fifty Shades. While the fan fiction writers are taking a normal plot of the story and making it into a short story, you learn a lot of how people today use their creativity to write. While many people might write just as a hobby, their work could end up inspiring a movie!

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