Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Fan Content

Posted by Kimberlea Ferrell on February 6, 2017

Obviously, the theme throughout these articles is fan created content, but two of the articles in particular stuck with me.

The John Banks article about gaming articulated things that I had kind of been thinking myself. The players create the experience in the game as they play it, some games more so than others, but the programmers and designers create the tools for them and the world it takes place in.

I personally haven’t played Spore but I have watched a Youtuber, Markiplier, play the game. This example can fit with the Interrogating “Free” Fan Labor article as well. I’ve seen and for the most part experienced the game, yet not bought anything or contributed to company, but the popularity of his videos surely caused some positive contributions to the game itself. I’m sure others did buy the game for themselves after seeing Markiplier play it.

I have another example to go with Interrogating “Free” Fan Labor. There is another Youtube channel I am subscribed to, called The Roundtable, and they produce videos about cartoons. At the moment mainly Steven Universe, but they’re expanding on that. These videos, be it news about the show, theories, or episode reviews, create interest in the shows they cover. The companies or creators are not paying The Roundtable or other channels for extra exposure of their product, and usually they don’t want them to. A host for the channel, nicknamed Vox, has stated that he creates videos because they’re fun and he wants to engage in a community of fans. He is being paid by Youtube because of ads on his videos though.


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