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Customer Recommendations

Posted by nasir502nasir on February 6, 2017

“The Value of Customer Recommendations” was very interesting and true. When searching for a product to buy, or consume, word of mouth is very important. If a customer says a product didn’t work well for them you are less likely to want to even give it a try and buy it at the risk of wasting your time and money. My father and I were actually just looking at barbershop reviews online just to see what people said about specific barbers. Good reviews bring customers and revenue to the shop while bad ones will of course lower your rating and make people less likely to come. People really take other’s opinions of things into account before they take action to do things, buy things or go places. Movies,  amusement parks, clothing, all things that people of course have opinions about. Sometimes I feel we put a little too much weight on other’s opinions on things and how they feel or experience things. Sometimes we should just figure more things out on our own. But word of mouth can be very helpful in a lot of situations. We live in a world where other people’s opinions matter a lot so customer recommendations will always be a factor in the decisions that people make on a daily basis. We value opinions and hold opinions very high before we make the final effort to go make  the decision ourselves, like buy the object or go to the movie or wear a specific clothing line.


One Response to “Customer Recommendations”

  1. lillieeastham said

    I agree, I personally hardly ever go to a new place or order something online without getting the opinion of another consumer first. I also agree that maybe this at times holds us back from branching out and trying new things.

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