Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Wed 2.0 Essays

Posted by briannaembry on February 6, 2017

In the essay entitled, “The Implicit Contract,” Austin tells of the assumed “agreement” between the audience and entertainers in today’s media. Entertainers are able to offer their entertainment to audiences that are willing to give up their time, attention, and in some cases-money. Audiences want to feel as if their time was not wasted when they decided to buy into entertainment. I think that comparing this situation to a contract in a great way to put it into perspective in an interesting way. Like all “deals” and “contracts,” breaking this Implicit Contract has its consequences- losing their audience from lack of interest. I think that putting this relationship into this perspective was pretty interesting.

“The Value of Customer Recommendations” demonstrates recommendations of customers in a marketing stand point. Although advertisements have the potential to attract a large group of people, customer recommendation seems to help brands and producers build credibility. People tend to want to hear reviews and recommendations from other individuals who may have had some experience with the product at hand. In regular advertising, of course this product is going to be talked up no matter what because the advertisement was put out by the people that want to to purchase from them. However, the use of customer recommendations and reviews on products seem more reliable and real-world. No wonder these companies are always asking for ratings and recommendations.


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