Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

They Live Recap

Posted by amycorysite on February 5, 2017

When we first started watching the movie, “They Live!” in class I initially thought I would find this film uninteresting. Simply because of the poor acting and the environment of the camp site where the characters were first staged.The further we were into watching the film, I found it both entertaining and factual. The director of “They Live!”, John Carpenter, portrayed the numerous amount of ways our society blinds us to our very core. Carpenter uses various styles of trans-media strategies in his film. Carpenter made blunt use of ads and magazines hiding the unspoken thoughts of what the majority of companies tries to use in hopes of hypnotizing their consumers. In doing so, the producers are able to trick their consumers into to buying more of any and every product or style most desirable at that moment in time. Director Carpenter metaphorically portrays the negative motives of the corporate world by use of a mystical pair of blacked out sunglasses. The sunglasses act as a metaphor by visibly revealing a skeleton like face forming on those who have become brainwashed by way of media in our society. He does so by exemplifying how the media excessively uses pretty words and people to sell their crap. For a more dated film, “They Live!” could very well be considered an iconic representation of media in the general sense. People never go out of style, but hopefully media can. The truth is we’re only as interesting as we think we are.


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