Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

They Live!

Posted by tommistowers on February 5, 2017

Going into the They Live, I knew it was going to be something about media culture. When we first started the movie, I just assumed that it would be a movie on how multiple people would be getting laid off. Since getting laid off people became homeless and then the population of people would mainly be homeless. The movie for sure took a turn on me. The movie showed that even in the 80’s big named companies were controlling us and the media. They Live shows how the companies are powering the media. This time the big name companies were controlled by these weird creepy aliens.  Nada finds glasses and soon begins to realize they aren’t just regular glasses. Nada soon sees that the color of the world is turned into black and white. Nada then realizes all the access companies have to our world. When wearing the glasses you have the ability to see what others can’t see. Our main character is then able to see the what the government uses this for and shows the positions of others. In They Live, the aliens are included in the big named company called Cable 54 station, but mainly was shown included into our government. Others from the company were human though. Theses humans were working with aliens to take control over the government and media.

The movie They Live represents multiple elements that occur in today’s society. We are being controlled by big named companies. I believe that our government is being controlled and they do not care how they do it. The companies are trying to keep us busy so we don’t see them controlling us.


2 Responses to “They Live!”

  1. adusheck said

    I like that you mentioned the government because I also related this movie to the government. I agree that media plays a big role in what we as a society believe about the government because different news stations and celebrity personalities are bias and we have a choice to believe whichever side we choose. This is also shown in the movie as Nada refuses to put the glasses on and is living the life that he chooses until he puts on the glasses.

    • nathanpowers22 said

      I like that you mentioned Frank’s refusal to put on Nada’s sunglasses as a metaphor for the average person’s resistance to change their life/perspective. While the over-the-top brawl that the exchange incited was ridiculous, there’s a strong sense of irony in Frank’s refusal to accept Nada’s simple request because in doing so he continues to accept a far more authoritarian control over his life through subconscious signaling. In Tommi’s post, she mentions that corporate entities “keep us busy so we don’t see them controlling us.” I think this relates back to what you brought up in that we increasingly see mass media organizations covering more pop culture-oriented news (e.g. which celebrity’s having a baby now?) in order to both capture our attention, but also divert it from more pressing issues within the political realm, for example.

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