Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

They Live!

Posted by lillieeastham on February 5, 2017

When we first started the movie, I assumed that it would have something to do with zombies based on the title. In the end, it kind of was except the humans were the zombies. Although the movie was incredibly campy the concept was interesting. I find it funny that even in the 80’s people were already worried that we were being controlled by media. Almost 40 years later, we are drowning in media by comparison. If I were to live in that period I would probably feel lost without the constant companionship of my phone and all the media that comes with it.


Another thing I found interesting about the movie was the willingness of the humans in the movie to go along with the alien’s scheme. This begs the question of whether anything will change after the identities of the aliens are revealed at the end of the movie. If all the most powerful people in the world have already accepted their fate, then what can be done? Also, when the initial shock wears off I think most humans might decide it simply doesn’t bother them that much. Shocking things are on the news each day and most people move on with their lives quickly. After they have become accustomed to living in that world I feel that most of the people would simply except it. It would make life easier on them especially if there was potential for monetary gain. I think humans tend to be very easily influenced when the media is involved.


One Response to “They Live!”

  1. emilymorgan98 said

    Curious why you thought that by the title you were thinking it might of had something to do with zombies? You’re right though. It is kind of funny how people were worried about media some in the 80’s; if only they knew! I liked how you mentioned how willingly he main character was with going with the sunglasses and all the people. i was wondering the same thing as well.

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