Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Response to They Live!

Posted by adusheck on February 5, 2017

The movie They Live! has a theme centered around injustice, not only social but also political. This can be seen through the sunglasses when the upper-class/authority figures turn into skeleton/robot figures which shows the contrast between them and the people that the main character deems “good people” as they stay the same. For the time period that the movie is set in I feel that this makes sense because of what is obviously depicted when we see the main character struggling to find a job and living in a homeless slum. Although the movie was a little dated it had values seen in today’s society especially with the recent election. I feel that in today’s society this overarching theme is seen just with different areas of focus because homelessness is still a problem but there are more resources for the homeless (food pantries and homeless shelters). Obviously unemployment is still a concern but there are others such as government assistance and government spending in which some people think should be more limited and monitored causing them to have negative feelings toward the rich and the government in general. This can be seen especially through the recent election of President Trump as he ran with the slogan Make America Great Again stating that he was not a politician but a citizen which is what America was founded on “for the people by the people.” While many people are against this those who want government spending to be more regulated should be joyous because President Trump has sad several times that he will reject the presidential salary.


3 Responses to “Response to They Live!”

  1. jasendavis said

    The sunglasses definitely are a metaphor for knowledge. They play the role of providing social awareness to the one wearing them that would be attained in actualization by curiousness and inquiry. In that way, I see how it can relate to the government and people’s political cognizance.

  2. emilyfalicaa said

    While Trump might not being accepting a salary, bringing up his slogan is a perfect example of a modern day lack of glasses. Politicians have these slogans to cover up their bad policies and make you believe that voting for them is the best option. Make America Great Again or I’m With Her were simply created to pump people up. Because of these, people didn’t put glasses on to see that Trump and Hillary had the same tax plan, that Trump would take away legal visa and deport people with legal green cards, they also didn’t see that Hillary had a track record of anti-LGBT rhetoric. In short, I’m glad you brought up that point because it is a fair representation of how elections work if we don’t fight hard enough to see the truth.

  3. brianchenault said

    While I agree Trump has made the claim he wouldn’t accept the presidential salary thats also quite easy for someone to say when their father started them with millions of dollars and then he became a multi millionaire tycoon shortly after. The glasses were a very physical way to show a very big idea.

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