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They Live! In other media

Posted by jasendavis on February 3, 2017

Hey guys! Funny occurrence here. I was reading an article on Bleached Report that sought to prove why Game 7 of the World Series is better than the Super Bowl. The first point that they made was that the football had become a sideshow to the media of the commercials. They used a not-so-subtle reference to “They Live!”. I figured some of you would find this as awesome as myself. There is also a “Star Wars” reference in this article which I enjoyed a great deal.


6 Responses to “They Live! In other media”

  1. Kimberlea Ferrell said

    That’s very interesting! I’m amazed at how many references I see now after knowing about the movie.

  2. Yeah, I agree with both of you. I didn’t realize how many I had seen either. Also, I agree about the football thing. It’s not about football anymore; it’s the halftime performance and the commercials.

  3. faythleighann said

    This is so funny. Because now that I have seen the movie, I see references all the time that I wouldn’t understand. But this goes along with what we mentioned in class about a lot of people who don’t even like football still watch simply for the commercials. What those viewers don’t know is that “stickiness” that pulls them in is exactly what media corporates want us to do.

  4. lillieeastham said

    I think the Super Bowl is definitely less about sports and more about appealing to as many audiences as possible. But it definitely works, and it’s one of the few live events that manages to get viewers.

  5. jacobkaraglanis said

    I agree with you all, I would have never understood that reference before seeing the movie. I also find it funny that people are still using that reference, considering when it was made and the fact that I don’t think it was a super well known movie.

  6. tommistowers said

    In class we had a discussion how people don’t watch the Super Bowl anymore just to watch football but to watch the ads. Some people just watch the football game just for the commercials while others watch the game. I think this is an awesome screenshot, this is very true!!!

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