Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

They Live! Reaction

Posted by marylennoxhalf on February 2, 2017

While watching They Live! in class last Thursday, I had to look up the movie on Google. I understood the basic plot but I needed to get more information on what I was watching. I began to understand the reasoning behind the movie. I was so interested in the way the movie was made. I loved the idea of the glasses needing to be on, to see this odd alternative world. It was such a good reminder of what all the way media is used to sway our opinions. Once we finished watching the movie, I was even more interested in the idea of the impact other people have on our thoughts. Although it was a movie that made me question my everyday media encounters, the past few days,  I have been much more cautious to what I see and hear. “Well is it true?” is something I used to never say. While walking through the grocery store, stopping to look at the magazines with crazy and sometime unrealistic words all over the front page. I used to look and give it enough thought that I would probably tell a friend later. This time, I looked and did not immediately believe what I read. Although this is slightly different than the movie, the idea of people in advertising/life using titles and other ways to encourage us to pick up the advertisement without thinking much about if it is true or not. Although it can be much easier to believe the politicians or media representatives, it does not mean it is always correct.


4 Responses to “They Live! Reaction”

  1. lillieeastham said

    I agree that the point of the movie was to try and make people pay more attention to their surroundings. On the other hand, there were quite a few humans in the movie who knew about the invasion but simply didn’t care. This begs the question, once all of the humans become aware of the situation at the end of the movie, will anything actually change, or will they just accept it?

  2. emilyjones232 said

    I also agree with the previous comment. In today’s society, there are so many people who just stand by and watch awful events take place and say nothing. Just like the movie, there were people who stood by and watched. What happened to them after the signal was blown up?

  3. Your example of walking through a grocery store and seeing all the many titles spread across celebrity magazines was always fascinating as a kid for me as well. As I’ve gotten oldr and especially after watching “They Live!” I find my attention for most media to wain with my growing impatience with our generation. The most important thing we can do when media is pronounced in such a way, is to not allow the magazines to catch our attention for too long or not at all.

  4. emilychildress329 said

    I understood the plot as well, but I needed to actually stop and think about what was going on throughout the movie. I like your point that it is easier to believe politicians and media representatives, but it does not always mean that it is correct. I think that we often tend to believe them because they are authoritative figures, but they are not always correct.

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