Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Customer Service vs. Public Relations

Posted by kaufmansw on February 2, 2017

In the first few pages, I really honed in on the comparison between the topics, “customer service” and “public relations.”  I found these topics interesting because I could clearly see how much change has truly occurred in the business world.  When I think of customer service, I think of calling a business during restricted hours usually ending up in frustration.  Public Relations is more of a modern term because companies are spreading their messages through social media now.  Most companies now have twenty four hour online support.  This is quite convenient for the customer which leads to more opportunity for the businesses to due to being more readily available for the customers’ needs.

The second part of the book talks about the conflict with AMC’s Mad Men and fans creating twitters for the characters. The fans would allow the characters to communicate with one another on Twitter.  The AMC became very upset.  AMC contacted twitter, wanting them to remove these “virtual versions” due to a violation of copyright.  The fans felt disrespected and twitter was the perfect platform for them to voice their opinion.  This section showed me how powerful social media can be, not only for businesses but also for fans.  Without fans, most shows and businesses wouldn’t survive.  Technology is constantly changing which causes stress on the media as well as society especially older people.  This is due to older people being more set in their ways and not liking to adapt.  Businesses must be able to adapt and have that “cool” reputation to appeal to the younger generation.  Those who can keep up with the trends and stay ahead of the game, succeed.


One Response to “Customer Service vs. Public Relations”

  1. faythleighann said

    I was surprised when I read that section of the reading because I had assumed Customer Service and Public Relations were one in the same. You defiinitely understood the difference and really cleared it up.

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