Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

“Why Media Spreads” Reflection 2

Posted by katemilner9 on February 1, 2017

I think the “Comcast Must Die” section shows a really interesting dilemma companies are being faced with in the digital age. As it details how customer service will treat customers with more “clout” better than others, we can imagine a variety of different ways this is both a pro and a con for the company. By paying attention to a high profile client, a company will get good publicity from said client. The client can post to their followers, and give a glowing review, bringing more business to the company. Granted, perhaps from a moral standpoint, you’d like to think all customers were treated with the same respect and care, but it’s easy to see where, from a business standpoint, this just makes sense.

But, on the other side, the smaller voice, with less followers, is starting to get it’s time to shine. With new consumer report sites popping up everyday, the small voices have the power to pile: for every one customer with the clout to get their way, there’s a handful of little guys, dissatisfied with what their customer service experience. Social media, in a way, has made it easier for companies to see big threats to their reputation (consumers with followers,) but they’re ignoring the risks of letting smaller threats (those with less followers) eventually gaining enough momentum to tear them up, regardless of their individual influence.

There’s always an off chance catering to those with more influence will work, there’s sayings about squeaky wheels getting greased for a reason. But, historically, ignoring a large group of people, and keeping them from getting fair and even treatment because of something trivial never seems to work out.

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