Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Why Media Spreads pt. 2

Posted by emmaeled on February 1, 2017

Why Media Spreads discussed topics most people would never think be worth discussing, such as fan accounts or fan fiction. The section covering the launch of twitter and fan twitter accounts of the AMC series Mad Men brought up the idea of “brand high jacking” something completely foreign to me. The points made were clear and, to me, irrefutable. Sure, one can day dream about their favorite characters  doing something outside of their normal role, but when you begin to publish these ideas and gain followers and praise over the ideas it truly does become brand high jacking. No matter the feelings of the audience, it is wrong to benefit from something that you only put partial thought into.

The papyrus and marble section of the introduction also proposed interesting thoughts. We are told constantly that everything on the internet is forever, but in some senses, it is not. Youtube was given as an example for papyrus because it’s easy to circulate and embed. However, it is still easy for some circulations than others to be deleted or altered far beyond the original content.  Another interesting aspect that was brought up was the monopolies of knowledge that pose threats. “In Innis’s formulation, the dominant means of communication in a given society influences the production and control of information.” (Jenkins, Ford & Green, p. 37) This idea ties back to the movie we watched in class, They Live!. There was monopoly on the information being given out and consequently it shaped the society they lived in. The rich continued to select a few “worthy” subjects to induct into their control and more of the common masses lose everything from their jobs to their daily meals.


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