Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

“Why Media Spreads” pt 2

Posted by emilymorgan98 on February 1, 2017

I liked how fandoms were mentioned in part of this section. Fandoms are no joke and can get really crazy; however, the fans in the fandom can be extremely dedicated and devoted to whoever they are with. It seems like some people can meet their best friend online because they are in the same fandom and have a set of shared interests. I did not realize, though, that Twitter was sort of the start for most fandoms because of how it was easy to talk back and forth. I still remember Twitter beginning to become a thing when I was younger. All my favorite people I had watched in movies or youtube were joining and it seemed like everyone was joining within the same time span. I love Twitter now however I miss being able to watch shows on T.V without a “hashtag” popping up…That became very annoying very quickly. The funny thing about Twitter nowadays is that if something embarrassing happens (especially live), it is usually trending on twitter within 0.2 seconds. Like Mariah Carey on New Year’s Eve; she was trending on Twitter before her performance was even over.

Towards the end of the reading I liked how you all described what is going to be discussed in each chapter. It helps show more of what chapter is going to be about rather than just a table of contents.


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