Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by cameronbrooks3 on February 1, 2017

… WOW I’m not going to lie, at first I did not think that the movie “They Live” will turn out to be such a great film, at least it was in my opinion. One of the main reasons why I enjoyed it so much wasn’t because we watched a movie in class, but just for the simply fact that it portrays what actually happens in today society as we speak. A brief summary of the movie is a low class man name Nada comes to Los Angles seeking to find employment with no place to live, as we notice strange things are happening at a church he discovers a pair of sunglasses in boxes that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth it is up to him and his friend Frank to stop the aliens from controlling Earth and make society see the true colors. Other than the aliens Nada also see words around the city on billboards, signs, and magazine  like “OBEY”, “CONFORM”, “MARRY AND REPRODUCE”, “CONSUME”, “STAY ALSEEP”, “SUBMIT”, and “NO IMMIGRATION”. It’s interesting to me that we would do anything for fame and fortune the easy way and not work for what you want. Other than the ten minute fighting scence and the sex scence at the end to me the purpose of theflim to me shows that America needs a wake up call and instead of being entertained by the glitz and glamor we need to focus on the real topics on what’s going on in the world.



One Response to “WAKE UP AMERICA!!!”

  1. vene131 said

    I definitely agree that a major point of the movie is to establish American’s need for a wake up call. The majority of the subliminal messages were very focused on the materialistic (I mean the only reason they wanted reproduction was so there were more people to eventually buy said materialistic things) instead of things that matter.

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