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Tweet Tweeterless

Posted by faythleighann on February 1, 2017

While reading the second half of the introduction of Separable Media, I noticed the emphasis on Twitter as a common source to share news. And then it made me think of my own experience. My involvement in Twitter is much more than I had believed, which I think is even more strange because I don’t even have a Twitter account. It’s the idea that even though I have not signed up on Twitter- mainly because I simply wouldn’t be very active- I still hear of news or memes or arguments that happen specifically on that site from other sources, whether it be friends or another site referencing Twitter. The thing is that my friends send me links to pages about certain news or something interesting, they tweet things I have said and share photos I am in. The point is that social media sites such as Twitter are so consuming that they become a part of media as a whole.


One Response to “Tweet Tweeterless”

  1. cameronbrooks3 said

    I agree with you, I myself do not have a Twitter but yet I have friends that sends me videos or news stories from Twitter like it’s an actual news story. Twitter went from just talking about anything to really becoming a good resource for news.

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