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They Live! response

Posted by emmaeled on February 1, 2017

       To be completely honest after watching the slow introduction in Thursday’s class I had every intention of skipping Tuesday and googling the synopsis. However, I am glad I didn’t. I thoroughly enjoyed the film in an entertainment, as well as a learning, experience. The parallels between the real world and the movie were intriguing to watch unfold. Big, mass media, companies tried to have sole reign over motion pictures and broadcasting, which was shown in “The History of Spreadable Media”, and then adapted to be the plot of this movie. The movie conveyed real life concerns in a dramatic tale, much like fables most of us heard as children. Only this message was much more intense than “don’t count all your chickens before they hatch”.

I also found the examples of people who were used as sheep dogs basically without their knowledge an interesting point. Some of the police officers and Holly Thompson worked with and essentially for the un-human robot like creatures without their knowledge. They did not question a single thing when told what to do. Of course the rest of America followed suit with the consumerism and what appeared to be mass hypnosis. However, knew George was telling the truth and setting out to stop things and she still caved into the pressure of money and security. I think overall the movie says just as much about the willingness to follow the masses and not question what you’re told as it does about human psychology and survival of the fittest, or in this case, the richest.

While the movie is fiction the underlying plot is extremely dangerous. If we allow ourselves to simply follow one chain of media or don’t remind ourselves of sinister ulterior motives, we can end up like sheep, blindly following a herd that has no idea where it’s going or simply off a cliff. This movie highlights why a monopoly on media is extremely dangerous.


2 Responses to “They Live! response”

  1. jasendavis said

    I agree, the dull, repetitive music was boring, and story development was nowhere to be seen. The movie did carry a strong message though. To be completely honest with you, I was hurt when Holly turned on my man, Roddy Piper.

  2. emilyjones232 said

    The strong message was clear: if we don’t watch out, we could be controlled. We must stay alert.

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