Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

They Die!

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on February 1, 2017

After watching the first bit of the movie “They Live!,” in class last Thursday. The first minutes that we watched were not even close to giving me any insight into what the movie would be about. So when we began to watch the rest of the movie on Tuesday, I was in for quite a shock when the movie completely turned around.

After the scene of the first police raid, I was utterly confused as to what the whole gist of the movie was going to be. Then as the main character had his eyes opened to the “real world,” that the rest of the humans were blind to, I quickly caught up on this very off color movie.

The concept of the movie was a very cool and creepy idea, and I greatly respect the thought behind it. Yet, the execution of the movie, in my opinion was very shabby. The acting was very horrible and the multitude of killing (of pretty much anyone on screen) that that was displayed seemed as though it could’ve been portrayed in a much better way. I also thought that the whole idea behind the teleportation from watches was very forced as well, and seemed to be put into the film late with little thought or explanation behind it.

Though with all that being said, I thought that this movie was very relevant to our class of pop culture. This being due to the fact that the alien takeover and the signage and droning commands from their towers were an exceptional parallel to our society. This can be seen by the fact that no matter how we dress up a majority of our pop culture. Every advertisement appeals to the blind consumerism of humans to buy and want what is seemed to be “right” or “cool.” This blind consumerism equates to the people in the movie who are unaware of the alien presence and are blindly consuming the trance that they were under. Therefore, I believe that the movie was overall a successful translation of what American pop culture can be / what it is.



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