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Reshaping Our Future!

Posted by tommistowers on February 1, 2017

This section was about Comcast, Twitter, and Mad Men. This gave me one main thought that related back to a previous blog. As I began researching and reading about how Twitter has dramatically improved multiple series, books, and other media sites it made me realize once again we have control. When we have control the companies or producers make the needs and wants that we want. Once companies realize that we can do almost anything to destroy them their thoughts change instantly.

Reading the beginning pages about “Comcast Must Die” really interested me. “Has heard our angry voices and taken concrete steps in the process of putting customers first” (Part 2). At the beginning of this chapter it made me realize that companies do begin to put you first once you show them you’re fed up. “Customer service issues become a higher priority when customers get better treatment with others” (Part 2). Once one gets better treatment than the others it is game over until the company does the same for the others. Comcast gave better treatment to others with more follower in this case. The ones with less followers didn’t get as good as customer service. I personally get annoyed at this fact. Who cares if you have a lot of followers or not. If you did something wrong you should fix it.

As the “digital era” of Twitter began to rise so did the hit television series Mad Men. Twitter allowed new advertising practices that increased views for the hit television series at the time. As the show became the trend on Twitter so did the actors of the television series. Twitter is dramatically reshaping how central cultural and political institutions operate. And we are the ones controlling it!!!


2 Responses to “Reshaping Our Future!”

  1. laurenivey22 said

    I totally agree with you when you say that we have the control. Since not only our generation, but our society is so technology based, we do everything on the internet and social media. Therefore, if a company does not obtain or reach these goals or values we set for them, such as having a twitter site, or allowing us to tweet at them, then we get angry and no longer consume.

  2. emilyjones232 said

    Great post! I agree with you that the consumer controls what happens on brands’ social media platforms and they are trying to bring publicity to their brand name.

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