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I’m here to post reflections and chew bubblegum, and I’m out of bubblegum. . .

Posted by jasendavis on February 1, 2017


That was a strange movie wasn’t it? Obviously, the most important aspect that can be deduced from watching a movie is the purpose of the movie. “THEY LIVE!” has a fairly obvious purpose: to make aware the dangers of becoming a media-consuming monster of a nation. Clearly the danger isn’t that the world will be taken over by some alien species because humans were too blind to see what was going on; that part was added for theatrical. Instead, the aliens are a metaphor for media taking over critical thought. On the billboards in the city, when the glasses were on, the phrases “OBEY” and “NO ORIGINAL THOUGHT” were written over and over (along with others I can’t remember). Media, especially on the scale in which it persists in America today, can lead to the loss of originality and genuine critical reasoning.


Dr. Rice in the biology department says we live in a “copy-cat, soundbite society”. “Copy-cat” meaning that ideas that are expressed are often taken from others and “soundbite” referring to the fact that many of these repeated ideas aren’t event whole ideas. For example, Donald Trump ran on a platform with quite a few policies; however, most people only refer to the profane video with Billy Bush. A great deal of people will hear or read a headline but not investigate to understand its purpose or think critically enough to formulate their own opinion. You see it so much today. People share stories on facebook with controversial titles, but the same people did not read the article. Why? Only to try to boast some sort of interest or intelligence. What they are really doing is destroying what makes them human: deep, original, opinionated thought.


The movie gets an A for creativity and message, but Rowdy Roddy Piper’s quips were just terrible.



2 Responses to “I’m here to post reflections and chew bubblegum, and I’m out of bubblegum. . .”

  1. lillieeastham said

    I like that you brought up the recent political campaigns because I agree that too much focus was put on quick slogans like “Make America Great Again”, without much focus on what those phrases truly meant. Also 100% agree on the terrible one liners.

  2. Drake Kizer said

    I definitely agree with your point that Roddy Piper’s one-liners were pretty atrocious at times. Some seemed absolutely out of place and scripted, but there were at least a few that were memorable and fitting, such as the famous “chew bubblegum” line. Also, I really liked your point about how America is becoming more and more about “sound-bites” than actual news. Every headline seems to pick out one thing somebody said, and this practice not only sensationalizes news, but it also make for incomplete and inaccurate reporting. One clip of what somebody said can be twisted so many different ways, and once that happens, the “copy-cat” sharing you mentioned begins and blurs the lines between fact and fiction.

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