Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Customer’s as Advertisers

Posted by lillieeastham on February 1, 2017

I liked how the text referenced the increasing Twitter presence of corporations. I would even say that since the publication of the textbook this interaction has become even more personal. Fast food companies such as Taco Bell, Wendy’s and McDonald’s have a repertoire with their customers that almost resembles a friendship. As opposed to simply fixing mistakes they tweet jokes, memes and interact more heavily with satisfied customers.


When I was in high school I had a friend with a fondness for McDonalds. All she wanted her birthday was a ‘Happy Birthday’ tweet from the company’s twitter account. So, I decided to find out who ran it. Within a half hour I had tracked down the woman’s number who quickly agreed to post the tweet. She also sent my friend a package including gift cards, a tote bag and other forms of McDonald’s memorabilia. My friend was so delighted that she posted about it on other forms of social media such as Facebook and Instagram, garnering automatic publicity for the company. This more than anything shows the almost weirdly personal relationship that companies now can create with their customers, and how it can be mutually beneficial.


The Mad Men court case mentioned in the text is a perfect example of what companies should avoid. With the rise of social media in today’s world, ordinary fans can become a company’s greatest form of advertisement. When tweeted about enough shows can be put on Twitter’s trending topics, meaning that even those that don’t watch the show become aware of its existence. This should be looked at as free advertising as opposed to competition.


3 Responses to “Customer’s as Advertisers”

  1. emilyjones232 said

    I enjoy the anecdote about your friend that loved McDonalds. The fact that they went that much out of their way to do that shows how businesses are engaging more in customer’s lives and promote their brand in the process.

  2. briannaembry said

    I am constantly seeing more fast food companies tweeting at their customers. Many times, I even see these twitters tweet at other restaurants, For example, I believe it was Wendy’s and McDonald’s who got into some type of “Twitter stand off” and one came up with a great comeback and outsmarted the other. This added an element of humor to the conflict between businesses and although these accounts could have been parody accounts, the humor of the situation still seemed as though it made good advertising. The social media of today really seems to hold a huge impact on companies.

  3. vene131 said

    This just made me think of the Wendy’s Roasting that has been going on lately. I love this discourse going on with fast food social media accounts now where it’s not just about the consumer being right, but now it’s about becoming entertainment as a way to encourage consumers to come to their restaurants.

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