Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Consuming Consumers?

Posted by laurenivey22 on February 1, 2017

While reading the second part of Spreadable Media, I realized just how much public interaction on something like Twitter or another social media site can impact how popular someone or something becomes. The example in the book about Mad Men and Twitter explains how they were both released around the same time, and because the characters from Mad Men made twitter accounts and interacted with each other, it not only intrigued more viewers for their show, it also brought social media interaction to a whole different level. Many people get their information about, well… anything, from social media.

The book also continues to talk about consumers and how media plays an important role in a company’s ultimate success. For example, if a consumer is unsatisfied with their meal or clothing item, they are much more likely to write to the company online such as tweeting or emailing than actually going in to the place and telling them in person. Society is so consumed with social media and the internet that we are losing our ability to communicate. So, you tell me, are the consumers being consumed into the media?



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