Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

They Live!

Posted by mackenzie brown on January 31, 2017

The film They Live! was extremely eye opening to me overall. I got some different covers from the film because it was a little odd to me. It was obviously an older movie where they felt as if the world was becoming corrupt and this “cult” was trying to stop it. At first I thought that the people in the church were trying to do something bad and were planning something sketchy because of the way they acted. I think the glasses had some reality behind them because I think a lot of things in the world can be corrupt sometimes if you really think on it for a while. This movie was obviously very unrealistic but I think it was trying to say that certain people (the skeleton people seen through the glasses) are trying to take over and contribute to the corruption. The two main actors were the ones who stayed “Normal” so to speak throughout the movie because at the end they see people who were at the homeless shelter with them and they are now rich and following the corruption of the other people. The man in the TV station even says “it’s just easier to join them” and the main characters don’t agree and try to kill him. They obviously were the two of the few people left that were still normal. I think that there are many things that can be corrupt in society and media definitely has a huge influence on us. People are easily convinced through the media and it can be a good way to try and influence society.


One Response to “They Live!”

  1. marylennoxhalf said

    I hadn’t thought about the character saying, “It’s just easier to join them.” That perfectly describes the impact on the corruption that was happening in the movie/ what is still going on today. It is almost like they don’t want us to do anything about it, just so their increased impact will not be changed for them.

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