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Social Media Growth: I Need Snapchat to Complain

Posted by vene131 on January 31, 2017

Social media is a huge help for any form of activism. It can be used as a form of protest or at least to get the protest out there for other people to see. I mean, if we look at how huge protesting became in our country when the Angry Yam was officially elected we can see that. I remember that the next night someone posted a Facebook Live video for the protest that was outside PFT. And I think by doing something like that they got the message out there about what was going on, and there was definitely a larger turnout than if someone would have just told their friend and tried to get it around through word of mouth. The reason that throughout history we have used some form of spreadable media is because people have to have some way to express what they are feeling. Before it was on the radio, television, or even just writing into different outlets. Today that just takes the form of social media. This expansion of media overtime has allowed for more people to express themselves in ways that they could not before. Everyone has a story to tell and I think that is a major reason behind social media being so popular today. Storytelling is so ingrained into our culture that to have easy outlets for that would be hard to pass up. Personally, if I didn’t have a way to do my daily snapchat rants I don’t know how I would survive.


One Response to “Social Media Growth: I Need Snapchat to Complain”

  1. emilyfalicaa said

    I agree that our need to share things is why media spreads so fast in general. Its not just our experiences we share but the products we use, the places we see, the locations we eat at, the news sources we favor. All this works as free advertisement

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