Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Jan 21 blog post “How to Read This Book”

Posted by mackenzie brown on January 31, 2017

“How To Read This Book” was really helpful in understanding the readings further. I liked how it explained what the book was trying to get across to the audience and how they want to see the “bigger picture” in the media and become more understanding. I think it is very important for media companies to keep in mind how their audiences feel because their audience is what keeps them going. Media is so popular and has a huge influence on our society so it needs to be in a positive way. This shows how “spreadable” the media really can be because we read about Twitter and blogs in Iran in “Twitter Revolutions?”. They got to use social media networks to express how they feel and made blogs as well. The protestors expressing their opinions on this subject really helped the government understand their concerns. This is actually a really clever way to protest because it is harmless and no violence is involved and we definitely need that in our society today because there is too much violence going on because of protests. People are definitely more prone to reporting things to the media rather than the news and paper. This generation is all about technology and media so it makes sense that we would report to the media. We use our smart phones for everything and the access to media and posting videos and pictures is so easy. Use too, people had to record and photograph things on a separate device then upload them to a computer then upload them to some source of media. So at that point it was easier to call in and report things. Now we have the internet, cameras and media all in one so it is easier to upload it to social media such as Twitter or Facebook straight from our smart phones. Once it is uploaded to a social media site it immediately spreads and goes “viral” so to speak so that people all over the world know what is going on. This is a perfect example of how the media is so spreadable.


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