Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Industrial Academia

Posted by nasir502nasir on January 31, 2017

In the chapter, “How to Read this book”, one of the main points in the chapter was connection. More specifically the academic perspective of industrial media. The media is so easy to use these days. At the click of a button you seem to have the whole world of media at your fingertips free to share, create, whatever you prefer to do with it. There are a lot of questions to go along with it though. We don’t fully grasp all of the aspects of what media has to offer. We overlook a lot of media in search of the media that interests or relates to us in specific. Like ads. There are so many ads on every media source that we ignore because it isn’t specifically interesting to us at the time. Just like television commercials. Some catch our eye, some don’t. And the ones that don’t catch our eye get the channel changed in search of something more interesting to watch or talk about.

The media should be used as more of a tool for good instead of just spreading nonsense like gossip, which isn’t bad all the time. But i feel as if we were to use media differently we could take better advantage of the benefits it has. Even how we have learned to abuse things like social networking. The creators of the sites never intended on some of their sites to be used in the way they are now, but we still tend to use them in whatever way we please. We should use social networks and media to do more than we use it for now.


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