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How To Read This Book

Posted by kaufmansw on January 31, 2017

While reading the portion from Spreadable Media, “How to Read This Book” the part that stuck out the most to me the most was where it talked about how important it was for companies to consider the crowd they are selling to.  Companies that are most successful know who they’re selling to and how to market their product.  If a company can’t catch people’s interest then the company will flop.

One thing I really liked in reading “How to Read This Book” was how they talked about the wide range of sources they used in writing the book.  One thing to keep in mind while discussing a topic is that not everyone sees things the same way you do.  To ensure that you aren’t overlooking others, it’s often wise to formulate diverse groups of people when making decisions.  Bias is a thing we don’t often realize when we form opinions and make decisions.  There are many factors that can affect bias.  These could include our parents, friends, or where we’re from.  Unfortunately people have a tendency to think selfishly.  People will put their personal needs over what’s good for the group.  For example, when it came to this year’s elections, people would often vote for a candidate based on one issue instead of looking at the whole body of work and what would be best for the country.  On page xi, it states that the book will best serve those readers from the media industries who strive to listen to their audiences more deeply and to understand the “big picture,” rather than those looking for easy ways to “exploit” or “leverage” the people their company purports to serve.  Learning to embrace other opinions and values will only enhance world peace today.


One Response to “How To Read This Book”

  1. tristendenney14 said

    I agree with all of your points, two in particular. First, I love your point about companies listening to their consumers and knowing who they are selling to. If a company does not do this, there is a very slight chance they will ever succeed; therefore, listening to what and how the consumers want something is essential to modern day business success. Next, I really like your point about listening to others to create peace. In this crazy world we live in, if everyone would slow down and listen sometimes, we would not have near as many societal problems as we do today.

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