Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

History of Spreadable Media

Posted by emmaeled on January 31, 2017

I found the History of Spreadable Media essay to be extremely interesting in the ways that it explained religion, historical artifacts, and coins as media. Typically when I think of media I think news, or social media, or pictures and celebrities. I’ve never thought of media as a physical object that could be passed down or even an ideal to be worshiped. However, media is all of these things. Media is mass communications by any means and it vasts in its existence. I also never took the time to realize how media had to fight to get off the ground. From the beginning there were companies and people trying to hoard the ability to reach the masses and make money. For example the Motion Pictures Patent Company. It took years for alternatives and smaller media platforms to be able to break through them and gain the rights they deserved.

The section I found the most interesting in “How to Read This Book” was the section that brought up the tensions between all of the different views on who has the power, ownership, and handle on media. It raised questions on the lack or gain of citizen control, if new platforms of media are destabilizing businesses, and how the next medium will democratize communication. There are several opinions and views on the world of media I never considered. These questions and accusations are important to consider because media is prevalent in our lives. We don’t go a day, probably even 30 minutes, with out engaging in, or digesting, some sort of media. If media is only in the hands of big media companies that’s not good for the masses. You have to have freedom and alternative views and creations or you get one sided media and I’m pretty sure that’s how people get brainwashed in large quantities.


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