Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Posted by briannaembry on January 31, 2017

In the How to Read This Book section of Spreadable Media, we examine the authors’ purposes for writing this book. The book states that it is “..about more than just how technology is changing culture.” Spreadable Media was written with the purpose of picking apart the different ideas on the effects of technology on culture, as well as the way that these new forms of media and technology can have an effect on communication today.

In the essay entitled “Twitter Revolutions?,” Jenkins illustrates the importance and impact of social media in today’s society. The author illustrates this point by using the examples of protests of public discontent on social media with the Iranian election and the Wisconsin governor. Social media played a huge role in the spreading of public opinions. Before the use of social networking, public discontent and information on current events were commonly spread by newspapers and journalists. However, with social media, the news is spread at a much faster pace and gives the public more of a voice. The idea of social networking has changed the way and pace that media is spread.

When reading this article and the impacts that social networking can have on the expression of public opinion, I could not help but think of this past election. The election of Donald Trump triggered many feelings in individuals- some more tan others- and the public opinions can be seen on every social media site at the moment. News of the Womens’ March was spread fairly quickly, allowing individuals from all around the world to have access and form their own opinions on the news that is happening in America.


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