Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Evolution of Media

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on January 30, 2017

One thing I learned after reading “How to Read This Book” and the essay “The History of Spreadable Media” is that, media is always changing and expanding over time and we have the power and knowledge to keep making it grow. In the the reading of “How to Read This Book” the overall purpose in my opinion was how much media have changed, grew, and even effect us all. For example even though it says “the books is more than just how new technology is changing culture.” Isn’t that what media really is? Everyday we are learning something new and discovering what is next, that is just what media is it will always envolve into something bigger than what it was yesterday. In “The History of Spreadable Media” it is the same concept because, not only does it talks about media expanding over time but as well as tell our stories, send messages, and express how we feel. Without media the human race would be a mess just for the simple fact that we rely on media for not just entertainment but for the news as well. Twitter and Facebook is the best way to find out what is going on in the world and now even Snapchat post news events on the companies story. Who knows if media keep expanding at this rate it will be no use for Fox News or CNN because we can use social media to find the stories on our own, if you think about it anyone can be a reporter without a college degree.


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