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Survival in Modern Media Environment

Posted by Drake Kizer on January 30, 2017

When perusing the assigned readings for our January 31st post, I figured that I would find the online articles infinitely more interesting than a section called “How to Read This Book.” Boy, was I wrong. All three articles were very dense and were written in a tone that was way too elevated for my taste. I definitely do not like to be talked down to by the author of a piece, but all three pieces spoke to me like I was an expert, which I certainly am not.

I ended up finding a good portion in the Spreadable Media selection that was both interesting and easy to understand. It was on page xii, and it essentially stated that the book makes the case that “companies that…listen to, care about, and ultimately aim to speak to the needs and wants of their audiences as crucially as they do their own business goals” will be the ones who see prosperity in today’s media environment. I can definitely agree with that argument, and a great example of this reality happened on social media just a couple of weeks ago.

On January 12th, the NFL’s San Diego Chargers announced their move to Los Angeles starting in the 2017 season. The move was met with a lot of backlash, but a large portion was not directed at the move itself, but rather at a new “LA” logo the team unveiled that same day. It was a very rudimentary mark, which consisted of the letters L and A with a lightning bolt coming out of the L. The logo was blasted all over social media, and it became the subject of various memes from fans. Other sports teams even tweeted about the debacle. After “[listening] to [and] [caring] about” what consumers had to say, the team decided to ditch the logo after only 5 days on January 17th. This example definitely showcased the fact that if an entity wants to thrive in the current media climate, they must listen to their customers.


3 Responses to “Survival in Modern Media Environment”

  1. tristendenney14 said

    I felt the same way after reading these articles. Although they were confusing, after comparing them to “How to Read This Book”, the meaning was definitely clearer. Also, I like the quote you used in this post because I feel if companies today do not begin to listen to consumers, they will ultimately fail. Lastly, the example about the San Diego Chargers fits this post perfectly, and it is kind of scary to think what else society could change just by expressing their thoughts through social media.

  2. Kimberlea Ferrell said

    I understand what you mean about the articles, especially “In Defense of Memes.” I definitely like the quote about companies listening to their audiences, because sometimes it’s extremely clear that they don’t do that.

  3. emilyjones232 said

    Even though you did not enjoy the articles, I like how you gave the real world example of the switch of the now LA Chargers. Social media users made that change of logo happen and that shows how impactful social media is to our culture.

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