Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Revolutions in Media

Posted by amycorysite on January 30, 2017

Having read, “How to Read This Book” and the other three essays on our class blog it was brought to my attention how media acts as a constant transmitter into our conscious and subconscious thoughts. Phillips essay, “ In Defense of Memes” mentions how memes act as “microcosmic nests of evolving content”  which also emphasizes the thoughts found in “How to Read This Book” highlighting how our world of media is transmitted through participatory circulation. Without the many minds at work posting and presenting various means of information the result instigates debate. Media is emphasized by those who are able to use transmedia strategies mentioned in “The History of Spreadable Media” by Uricchio. Transmedia strategies are the embedded lessons found all around us in: music, art, architecture, etc. In my opinion, transmedia acts as one of the largest catalysts into the minds of those both in corporate and recreational cultures. On the other hand, Jenkins essay “Twitter Revolutions” mentions how those in regime are able to use their social networking tools to better monitor the behavior of protestors during harsh debates. In doing so, the leaders of various countries are able to restrict journalists from using certain information from reaching social media outlets. The end result demands constant need for our media culture to create access of new media content. Interest and demand of media networking continues to rise with each new generation. The media helps to better create a transitional flow of new phenomenas, while our generation learns to intermingle without constant contradiction.


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