Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Media Revolutions

Posted by emilyjones232 on January 30, 2017

In this new age of what we call Web 2.0, social media and media in general has become a driving force for all of humanity and has spread to all walks of life.

As told in The History of Spreadable Media, the spreading of media is depicted as something that has existed over a long period of time but it I snow only showing the effects.  The author of the article Uriccho, also defines the term Transmedia, which is the way of telling one single narrative through many different media platforms. Transmedia reminded me of my brother, who is obsessed with the Star Wars universe. Learning from him, I have found out that the narrative of the Skywalkers have expanded past the 7 feature length films. There are at least two animated television shows, many spinoff novels and video games that share the same story told throughout the many different forms of media which gives audiences multiple ways to engage with the universe and fall in love with their favorite characters.

In the article “Twitter Revolutions?”, Jenkins explores the idea that social media is in fact good for bettering our society. Sites like Twitter and Facebook have transformed from something for people to reconnect with old friends or share intimate parts of their lives into news outlets and businesses. I know for myself, as a Public Relations major, the new frontier of social media will play into my career, especially since I want to run social media accounts for businesses or corporations. That idea would have never been dreamed of 20 years ago and social media will only become more popular and prevalent in the future.


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