Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Media For the People

Posted by lillieeastham on January 30, 2017

While reading these essays and the segment in the book I found that one common denominator in all of them was the idea of media being a force for change and connection. As pointed out in “The History of Spreadable Media”, while there have been many advancements this is hardly a new phenomenon. As Uricchio points out, despite their lack of internet, people in ancient times formed bonds through something as simple as creating similar art.

The most important connections in the modern age were highlighted in the “Twitter Revolutions?” essay. While social media is often mocked for creating ‘zombies’ out of the younger generation, this essay highlighted how when it is used correctly, it can actually lead to a higher level of engagement among young people.

Social media has grown from a fun way to casually connect with friends into the place a large portion of Americans turn to for their news. This comes with a set of pros and cons. As mentioned in the article, some people feel that this casual form of sharing can lead to the rampant spread of inaccuracies. There are no editors on twitter, so when someone posts something far from the truth, it can easily spread before being detected. This has resulted in the recent ‘fake news’ phenomenon.

However, putting media in the hands of the people can also result in good things. Without the pressure of editors, everyday people can get information out quickly and it can come straight from the source. This can possibly eliminate some forms of media bias and give citizens a straightforward glimpse into situations.


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