Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

History in the making

Posted by tommistowers on January 30, 2017

While reading How to Read This Book points were connected with the article blog The History of Spreadable Media. One point that connected together and caught my eye was that there has to be some sort of control overall.  “The print, film, television, and recorded sound industries of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, like their heavy industrial counterparts, were built on control, standardization, and economies of scale” (The History of Spreadable Media). Now marketers and media producers are beginning to realize that we are changing culture as we speak and that we have control. Producers and marketers now begin to listen, care, and aim to speak to the needs and wants of what we want as an audience. “Ideas such as ’user-generated content’ and ‘branded platforms’ ignore the larger history and power of participatory culture in attempting to define collaboration wholly on corporate terms” (How to Read This Book). This quote stuck out to me because now corporate companies see we change the world. Not only do they realize we make the changes but they also realize that we are the ones to make their businesses strive. The ones that strove listen to us as an audience more in depth and see the whole picture rather than little details. The ones that listen to their audience see that we are changing the culture today one tweet, share, like, or comment at a time. Producers and marketers finally realize that we are the ones controlling the leverage to make them more money. The media has and will continue to evolve and spread for as long as the audience continues to be here to develop and transport them. The changing of our culture is in our hands!


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