Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Why Media Spreads Intro

Posted by nasir502nasir on January 29, 2017

The introduction to this reading definitely makes sense to me. What stuck out to me was when it explained that humans love to express themselves through telling stories. That is very true. Its just all in which stories we choose to share at what time. What people think is important now, what may be important for us to know in the future, and what can we learn from the past as well as the present leading into the future. There is so much different media to be spread which we refer to as “spreadable media” or a lot of other different terms. However, a lot of the time the media can be looked at as a cancer or a bad thing when certain stories are ran or certain things go viral. The intro worded it as sometimes the media can be perceived as a, “smallpox-infected blanket.” The word viral has taken a shift from being something mainly negative to being anything that spreads to a lot of people, which is why its so similar to virus. The word is used as a metaphor to speak on how things in the media can reach and have such a big effect on people at that time. However, viral doesn’t necessarily describe how most people spread most media. Most people just spread it to one another and think nothing else of it. The various words to describe the media all do so in a negative tone, which is a big reason the media can be looked down upon.


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