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Spread Spreading Spreadable Spreadablity: There’s Too Many Varitions

Posted by vene131 on January 29, 2017

Personally, I like the spreadability of media. With spreadability, there is a greater potential for audiences being interactive within the media. Also, this allows for the media being spread to be influenced by the audience spreading it. This idea that spreadable media allows for anyone to see and understand something makes for a greater possibility of them getting involved with that material being spread and shaping it to fit their needs and wants. For example, the book talked a lot about the spreadability of someone like Susan Boyle. And I think that this idea of something becoming spreadable because people took the initiative to spread it really demonstrates how spreadable media can shape something. If we look at the marches that happened recently, it’s easy to understand how something can become spreadable if people take the time to interact with the material being spread. And I don’t believe that the marches would have been as powerful had it been like some random commercial on TV trying to talk to us one on one. The fact that we saw our friends, co workers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, and the weird aunt who comes drunk and ruins Christmas posting about it is why the marches were spread so quickly. I mean, we saw posts from women who marched in the 60’s coming out to take a stand once again. It wasn’t some corporation trying to connect with us; it was real people in real time making a difference and taking to social media to show support against the Angry Yam running our country.

Also, some of my favorite signs from the march:






One Response to “Spread Spreading Spreadable Spreadablity: There’s Too Many Varitions”

  1. briannaembry said

    I love the example you used on the current events of the Womens March! And yes, I believe that the idea of spreadablility is changing in such a drastic way. The audience is able to become engaged with the media and respond to it in such a way, unlike older times when we would simply read the paper or watch the news. The new way that media is spread so easily allows for feedback and responses of opinions on certain news and issues.

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